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sstp vpn

What is SSTP VPN Protocol? Technically speaking, SSTP (Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol)  is a form of VPN tunnel that enables users to access a private network by using HTTPS. This protocol offers similar advantages to OpenVPN (i.e. the ability to utilize TCP port 443 typically used by HTTPS protocol to establish secure internet connection). SSTP is a proprietary standard owned by Microsoft and is built in and integrated into Microsoft products. This makes it an easy to use encryption option. To put it more simply, SSTP is a protocol that allows a connection to NicVPN servers on a built in mechanism and does not require use of any additional application. What are the advantages of SSTP use? SSTP can allow traffic to pass through most firewalls and web proxies. Additional Microsoft Support for Microsoft products SSTP has a great reputation for being a secure VPN tunnelling system Convenience of using…

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