What is SSTP VPN Protocol?

What is SSTP VPN Protocol?

What is SSTP VPN Protocol?

sstp vpn protocol

Technically speaking, SSTP (Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol)  is a form of VPN tunnel that enables users to access a private network by using HTTPS. This protocol offers similar advantages to OpenVPN (i.e. the ability to utilize TCP port 443 typically used by HTTPS protocol to establish secure internet connection).

SSTP is a proprietary standard owned by Microsoft and is built in and integrated into Microsoft products. This makes it an easy to use encryption option.

To put it more simply, SSTP is a protocol that allows a connection to NicVPN servers on a built in mechanism and does not require use of any additional application.

What are the advantages of SSTP use?

SSTP can allow traffic to pass through most firewalls and web proxies.
Additional Microsoft Support for Microsoft products
SSTP has a great reputation for being a secure VPN tunnelling system
Convenience of using a built in mechanism
SSTP tunneling can go through certain firewalls to get you connected to public internet network
SSTP has stronger forced authentication than IPSec and has support for non IP protocols
Suitable for online streaming, every day web browsing, P2P sharing.

Anonymity, By making use of this technology, you ensure that you stay anonymous throughout whenever surfing the web. There are a lot of sensitive matters that people do online that are nobody’s business and should remain that way. Surfing anonymously is the first layer of protection the service incorporates to make browsing the internet safely.

Real-time traffic encryption,As stipulated numerous times in the latter sections of this article, web traffic is susceptible to third party interference. This is very dangerous, especially if the infiltrator has malicious intent. For instance, if you are making a bank transaction using your web browser, and the authorization codes fall into the hands of an attacker the outcome could be catastrophic. Hence the importance of the SSTP VPN protocol as it offers real-time traffic encryption right from the moment you key in a web address.

These are some of the importance of the SSTP VPN protocol. Based on the information availed in this article, it is easy to determine that this technology is the best for web data security. Protect your privacy and secure your data using the most powerful VPN ever created.

Examples of where the SSTP Protocol can be used?

It’s a great option to use SSTP to access NicVPN on either your personal Microsoft device or at a remote location (i.e. school, office, etc) where HTTPS 443 ports are opened for internet access.

To enjoy all the benefits of SSTP designed by Microsoft, simply connect to NicVPN SSTP servers from your Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 10, Linux*, Windows Phone*.

* Linux, Windows Mobile tutorials coming soon.

For questions, contact NicVPN Support. We are glad to serve you!

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