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How to Configure VPN on your DD-WRT Router?

In this tutorial / article you will learn about setting up your NicVPN Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection on your system by using a wireless DD-WRT router.

Before making a connection, you must ensure that you have got a functional internet connection, a router that supports PPTP, and an NicVPN account. A VPN connection does not work on an ISP modem. In order to make your VPN connection work, you need to connect another router with your modem.

Step1: Make an Ethernet connection or a wireless connection from your router to your computer.Follow 1a if you are connecting Ethernet router and 1b for wireless connection.

DD-WRT vpn router


Step2: Open the Basic Setup tab of the DD-WRT router. You can see a window with different fields.From the Connection Type drop down menu, select the PPTP.

DD-WRT vpn router


Step3: For the Use DHCP option, select Yes.

DD-WRT vpn router


Step4:In the Gateway (PPTP Server), type the name of the server that you desire to use. (List of all NicVPN servers is available here).

Write Username and Password in the respective fields ,you can find them in the client area on our website, by going to “My VPNS“. Make sure you use your VPN username and password and NOT the client area credentials.

In the additional PPTP option field, write refuse-eap.

DD-WRT vpn router


Step5: Navigate to DHCP Server and ensure that it is enabled. Click on Apply Settings and then click Save.


Step6: Go to menu bar and click Status. Then click on WAN tab.Click Connect.

DD-WRT vpn router

You are connected with NicVPN. Enjoy with NicVPN.

Note:For an upgraded and pre-configured NicVPN Router, visit FlashRouters.

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